Ah, yes - the eternal toilet seat debate…

Everyone who has done it knows.

It’s not easy moving in with someone.

Like most young couples, Al and Deb worked hard trying to make a life together, under one roof. Some serious squirming went on, mostly over routine stuff - dishes, laundry, and lights out for the kids.

All do-able, right?

Except in the bathroom, that’s where things got nasty… especially with the toilet.

Should the seat stay up, or go down?

This question prompted cheeky chat with friends and neighbors, and it soon became clear that the lowly toilet seat is a hot issue in many families. Not quite serious, not quite harmless, but very much alive and even touchy for some.

There must be a way to bring peace to the throne, Al thought. And TipAlert® was born. The year was 1998. Time passed, and the idea faded. But folks insisted, TipAlert® was too much fun to just let go,and the toilet seat problem wasn’t going away.

In the over 10 years since, dozens of people have come together across countries and oceans to help bring TipAlert®into reality. From the rural fringes, to uptown labs of engineers, artists’studios, lawyers’ and accountants’ offices, friends’ back yards, CBC Dragon’s Den and even the Dr. Phil Show, countless people have joined in the adventure that has become TipAlert®.

If it wasn’t for all these folks together,TipAlert® might never have happened.

We’re glad it did, and we hope you will be too.

The folks at TipAlert®.

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