TipAlert®is designed for use on household toilet seats. It is built with long life batteries and can be expected to run up to 400 playback cycles (3 months guaranteed in average use).

It is easy to clean with a damp (not wet) cloth and will handle humidity in the steamiest bathroom.

If you follow these few easy instructions, TipAlert® will live a long life.

Attach the TipAlert® at the top centre of the toilet seat, as shown in Step 3. Note: It must be placed exact horizontally or it may not work properly.

Step 1
Pull out the power tab. TipAlert® is now awake.

Step 2
Make sure the surface is clean and dry.

Step 3
Peel off the sticky strip and attach to the underside of the toilet seat. Make sure the TipAlert® is attached at the centre, as shown.

Step 4
Place the toilet seat to the normal “Down” position

Q. How do I remove the TipAlert®? A. The TipAlert® uses very strong sticky tape that is designed to stay stuck to the toilet seat once it is attached. To remove the TipAlert®, use a flat slender(not sharp!) tool and pry under the tape from TipAlert®’s narrow end. Gradual steady pressure will lift it from the seat.
FAQ Frequently asked questions

Q. Will TipAlert® solve the toilet seat debate, once and for all?
A. That’s what we’d like to know! Please tell us your story on our blog!

Q. Why does the TipAlert® raise the toilet seat slightly above its normal flat down position? Will this be a problem?
A. Some toilet seats are built with very thin ‘feet’ separating the seat from the bowl.On these seats, the TipAlert® will cause the seat to sit slightly above its normal flat down position. If this is the case, the TipAlert® will act as a new, ‘third foot’ and an occupant’s weight will bear on it. Not to worry. When the TipAlert® is properly attached it will support anyone’s weight up to 300lbs (135 kilograms).

Q. What if the toilet seat slams down?
A. Oops. TipAlert® may crack or break if the seat falls suddenly. There are some things we just couldn't plan for. Unfortunately this is one of them. If the seat slams down and TipAlert® breaks, you might have to replace it.

Q. What if TipAlert® stops working?
A. TipAlert®is a single use item with non-replaceable batteries. If you find it defective or it stops working within 3 months of normal use send it to us in the mail and we’ll gladly send a replacement. No proof of purchase required.

Q. Is TipAlert® safe for the environment? How do I dispose of it?
A. All of TipAlert® parts and manufacturing processes are RoHS compliant. It contains3 alkaline batteries. For proper disposal regulations please check with your local municipality.
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